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     Germanium Bracelet
     PV 1

This Germanium Bracelets have 600 gauss magnets that provide relief from pain in a small span of time. The use of Titanium in the crafting of our Germanium Bracelets process the strength of steel and make them 45% lighter in weight than Aluminum.

     Neodymium Bracelet
     PV 2

These Neodymium Bracelets, which are used ad a source, providing magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purpoese. It is widely recommended by the physiotherapists for providing relief from joint & muscle pains, inflammation, stiffness, etc.

Characteristics :

  • Safe & Non-invasive Method
  • Used for Therapeutic Purposes
  • Have No Adverse Effects
  • Very Effective
  • Magnificent Designs
  • Designed by Experts

     Stainless Steel LED Watch Bracelet
     PV 4

Stainless Steel LED Watch Bracelet is magnificently designed by the experts for their unique looks and marvelous patterns. This Stainless Steel LED Watch Bracelet is made from premium quality magnets that assure their effectiveness.