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3 Required Conditions For Change

3 Required Conditions For Change



If you want changes in your life, then in order for them to really happen, you need 3 important conditions.


The first thing that is necessary for change is the intention to change, as well as the desire to look for barriers and resources in oneself. Intention and readiness.

Resource state

The second important condition for the implementation of change is the resource state.

If you feel tired, if there is burnout, then you simply will not have anything to rely on in change. There will not be the right amount of fuel for them. And change always requires a huge amount of mental and physical strength.


Once you’ve decided to make a change based on your intention and resources, it’s important to move on to the next step, implementation. And at this stage awareness is important.

Without it, it is very difficult to implement changes in life. Without careful monitoring: “What am I doing now? Why? What for? Does it help me live the way I want to? – without this, we automatically move along well-trodden rails (and the goal of change is to follow a new path).

It is to work with awareness that, most often, homework is directed at the end of the session. After all, it is important not only to say what needs to be done, but also to notice in time that you continue to do the old way.

Therefore, if you want change, see if you have: readiness, resource and attention to your actions.